Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Lost

On an article about a child whose parents want to cancel Christmas because she has stolen money for candy twice.
Part of a psychologist's answer began with something like: "perhaps she is not getting enough sweetness in her life and you need to look at the deprivation in your home...."

I absolutely agree that taking Christmas away is too far in the future, and perhaps a little inappropriate. However, This is a lifelong thing if it is not dealt with as harshly as possible. The punishment must be so strong as to make her think more than twice about the possible consequences of her actions. I think that Psychologists are a little too quick in thinking that conversation is the best thing. Kids are not all sweetness and light at the core. Kids can be mean, harsh, judgemental, evil little beings. And will often clam up if you try to Talk your way to an answer, plus, they often do not know why they do these things. Enough sweetness in her life? Give me a break...kids and adults get way..WAY too much sugar as it is...perhaps they should have none at all!
I think that an appropriate punishment would be to work for a charity on weekends and holidays... help those who are deprived... perhaps work to get money to buy Christmas food and treats for underprivileged would be good... something meaningful but also very VERY difficult... this is a really big deal, and you hold her future in your hands.

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